What is Business by Design Program?

6-month INTERACTIVE online program designed to jumpstart or "upgrade" your business by building your online marketing system

- Discover crucial business insights and the latest tactics to succeed in today's economy via 12 pre-recorded masterclasses (2 per month)

- Apply business tactics in a fun, easy to implement way via step-by-step guides (6 Fast Track Implementation Plans).  If you don't feel like doing the work yourself, give them to anyone you OUTSOURCE your stuff to and you have the certantity that you get results. 

- Get continuous feedback from me and my team whenever you feel stuck via Online Mastermind Community

- Get my PERSONAL live feedback on your progress via 12 Expert Lounges (twice per month)

Summary of What We Will Be Doing

  • Month 1: Finding the Money
  • Month 2: Perfect Positioning
  • Month 3: Maximizing Your Sales
  • Month 4: Building Auto-Money-Making Machine
  • Month 5: Unleash Your Full Power
  • Month 6: Reaching for the Sky

Freedom and Fulfillment
Within the Next 6 Month



Here's What Our Customers Say

With Expert Lounge Sessions, you don't feel alone. If this was not in place, I would do less. I am so grateful for your support


Owner, Fashion Company

I doubled the number of contracts within 3 months. I expanded my team with 2 consultants due to extra sales generated with the sales funnel.


Consultant & Lobbyist

Business by Design Program is specifically created for today’s busy entrepreneurs and professionals

Your Commitment : 1 Hour per Day

All content is available for you to use when you like.
If you miss anything, 
don’t worry! You'll be able to catch up whenever it's convenient for you
All live calls will be recorded and made available to you to watch any time. 

Select the LEVEL that Best Suits You

Starting a Pasion-
Based Business

For you if you're starting-up or having a business that is serving few clients

Clarify Exactly How Your Business Will Look Like

Find the Perfect Business Model Based on Your Passions, Your Abilities, Your Current Needs

Build a Functioning Business




Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Author

Fit for early stage business or 
if you're working on your own
Sales: $100,000 or less

Put Your Knowledge into Products & Sell Online, to Generate Passive Income

Become a Celebrity in Your Niche

Unleash Your Potential &  Contribute to Helping Way More People




Successful Business Owner

For existing businesses 
Minimum turnover of $100,000 per year

Build Your Online Fully Automated System to Generate Leads 

Grow Your Business from 6 to 7 Figures

Adapt to the New Economy & Fall in Love with Your Business Again





Business by Design Program

So Make Sure You Enroll Right Now!

What You Get



6 Videos & 6 Workbooks  | 

Value $900



6 Videos & 6 Workbooks   | 

Value $900



Post your business questions and get your answers within 24 hours from me & my team

Lifelong & Continuous | 

Value $600



Live webinars where I PERSONALLY answer your questions and help you overcome your challenges. I am your MENTOR, your ADVISOR, your GUIDE!

Twice per month | 

Value $3,036


Guides for you or your team to follow, great if you want to outsource the work.
Contain: templates, checklists, blueprints, formulas


6 Guides & Over 200 Templates |

Value $582

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- It has been too long that you have been thinking about your new venture, researching it, and now you want to get started 
- You feel you have accumulated so much knowledge, and now it's the time to build something for yourself
- You are fed up with working for others
- You are fed up having a boss telling you what to do
- You want to feel you really contribute to improving the lives of other people 
- You have a brilliant idea to change the world, and you are not sure how to go about it, or you have too many ideas and you don’t know which one to pick
- You wrote a book and now it's the time to make money out of it
- You love speaking in public, and you want to generate more money based on public speaking
- You overcome a challenge and you feel you can help others overcome their challenges and you want to build the business around it
- You have many followers on Twitter or on your blog, and you want to monetize your efforts
- You are a mum who stayed home with the kids and now it's the time that you do something on your own, so you don’t have to wait for your husband to buy you a top or a spa treatment
- Your friends and colleagues tell you that you have a gift to help others, and you have never done anything about it
- You’ve lost your corporate, professional job and you know it's not right for you to go back into employment anymore
You want to be independent and autonomous, so you can do what you want when you want
- You want to create something that contributes to making the world a better place


- You work as a one-person show and you would like to move towards having a proper business
- You are frustrated because you put so much energy into your business, and you still can’t seem to take it off the ground
- You are so good at what you do, you are certain this is what you want to do, but you need more clients
You know your service is great, but somehow your potential clients don’t get it yet
- You have tried various tactics to generate more business, and you don’t get the results you want
- You are fed up with paying experts to help you generate more business, and still not getting there
- You’ve been through many seminars, paid for trainings, and you feel you are still missing something
- You know what you need to do, but you feel overwhelmed, as it is so much that requires your involvement and you simply can’t do it all by yourself anymore
- You undertake diverse projects to pay the bills, pulling you in different directions, and never manage to allocate the time required to that one activity you truly want to do
- You cracked certain strategies and you are getting some results, but overall you still struggle to make money
- You have been doing this business for a while, but you still don’t have a stable income
- You heavily depend on few clients to make your living and you feel insecure
- You started a new business and it is more challenging than what you initially thought
- Your circumstances have changed (having a baby, got married, moved town, moved abroad, etc), so you need a different way to deliver your services
- Your entire business comes from word of mouth and you would like to have a proper system in place that generates leads constantly and consistently
- You simply want to help more people to have a better life, so you truly feel you are contributing and making a bigger impact


- You are a successful entrepreneur, having been running your business for some time now
-  You feel a continuous 
pressure to decrease your prices, to the point that you don’t make any money on some sales
-  You feel there are changes happening around us, and you are not quite sure how to go about adapting your business to the new rules, to the new way in which people buy
-  You don’t find the right resources to get things done in your business
-  You seem to be busy all the time, whilst the bank account is not fully reflecting your efforts
-  You work too hard, and you have no time for your family, and simply to enjoy life in general
-  Your business has lost its spark and you want a new challenge
-  You provide amazing services, but your business requires too much of your personal time, and you want to stop trading your time for money
-  You are bored in your own business, and you want to change but you are not sure what and how
-  You feel you are the slave of your clients, and no matter what you do, your clients are still not fully satisfied
-  You’ve started losing business, whilst you are not doing anything wrong
-  You have multiple businesses, all requiring your time, and you are not sure which one to focus on and how to best go about everything. Your heart is with one and your mind pulls to another
- You know you can do more, but not sure what and how
You want to create better products and services and contribute to making the world a better place