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Yes, Ozana! I want to build a functioning business that meets my current needs in life, is based on my passions and on my abilities and also gives me the personal recognition and fulfillment I deserve.
Total investment $6,018
Six Months to Freedom & Fulfillment
Your Commitment : 1 Hour per Day
The steps we will be taking are:
  1. Brainstorm & build the business that suits YOU, so you live the life of your dreams
  2. Develop the offering that attracts interest, so your prospects jump on your product or service
  3. Build a solid online presence containing everything required for effective online marketing
  4. Develop your sales funnel, to generate hot leads on autopilot, so you make money while you sleep
  5. Generate traffic & have more people to see your offer, so you dramatically increase your sales
  6. Build a list & communicate with more potential clients, so you grow your sales fast

The Business by Design Program is based on 5 principles:

#1 Give value first
#2 Attract clients rather than chase them
#3 Position yourself as the expert in your field
#4 Build a solid online presence to demonstrate credibility, authority, performance
#5 DO IT!
At the end of the 6-month program, you will have:
  • Good clients, who love your products
  • A money making machine so you generate leads online automatically, which means you have more time for yourself or for taking on a new challenge and growing your business further
  • Coherent online presence, so when your potential clients Google you, they will want to connect and do business with you right away
Every month is going to be fun because you will go through some really cool stuff, which walks you through every step you need to undertake to have that business you want:
Month 1: Finding the Money
Month 2: Perfect Positioning
Month 3: Maximizing Your Sales
Month 4: Building the Money-Making Machine on Autopilot
Month 5: Unleash Your Full Power
Month 6: Reaching for the Sky
You will have access to content via ONLINE MASTERCLASSES, which are recorded videos that come with workbooks so you apply the wisdom and the tactics right away to your business, leaving nothing to chance.
You can use these Online Masterclasses whenever you want... work at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home or office.
The Masterclasses are part of the 2 most powerful collections of wisdom:
  1. Actionable Strategies that Work in Today’s Economy. These are the latest discoveries that the most successful experts and companies use to generate business. The way people buy has changed and these strategies reflect the new behavior.
  2. The Crucial Business Insights. These are the business basics, reconsidered for the current economy. When the tactics you employ in your business don’t produce the results you want, you need to go back to the basics to have a solid foundation to what you do.
Everything that requires a process, which is not straightforward to implement is laid down for you in a FAST TRACK IMPLEMENTATION PLAN (“FTIP”) which is a step-by-step guide to building the necessary online assets (blog, email marketing, sales funnel, social media accounts and websites). The reason why you follow an FTIP is because setting up these assets and getting them right can take forever if you don’t have everything you need. During the implementation of these plans, everything is broken down into small bits, so it’s easy to follow and stress free.
Using our templates you can simply insert your specific information into the blueprints we have created for you, which means you don’t spend much time thinking how to go about it and what to write. All you have to care about is your business specifics (such as product, benefits, target).
You will follow formulas for writing so even if you have never written an article or post before, you will do it with ease. You get subject lines for your emails and titles for your blog posts, you get structures to follow for your post and for your landing pages.
You even have a series of emails drafted for you, where you simply insert your product-specific information. You will have all the emails you need: to build your list, to send your lead magnets, to make offers, to sell, and also to follow up with important contacts you made, or to initiate a sales conversation or a meeting.
You will also have checklists to make sure nothing is left out, and most importantly, you don’t include in your sales funnel unnecessary information which could have the opposite effect.
Such FTIPs are great tools to complement the Online Masterclasses, because you follow a path that has been laid down for you. This way you don’t feel overwhelmed and you don’t get distracted by another email or a video to watch. And if you do get interrupted, you go back to where you left off.
If you have your online assets up and running, you will simply improve and upgrade everything you have, so you get even better results. You can still follow the FTIPs which will be even quicker for you.
There are so many details, and the small tweaks make the big difference! So it’s crucial to have your online assets CORRECTLY set up and leveraging each other, transmitting the same message talking the same language and to your ideal clients (rather than to anyone).
One more reason why these FTIPs are wonderful is that if you don’t feel like doing the work yourself, you can give them to key staff members who can take over and implement everything for you you can either take time off and enjoy the peace of mind and certainty that comes with knowing that all your online assets are built properly and produce your desired results, or create more products. This means that you can devote your time entirely to doing what you LOVE in your business or outside.
During your implementation work, you will have questions. You will have doubts, which is absolutely normal. This is the reason why we meet LIVE, twice per month, online, via the EXPERT LOUNGE.
These are Q&A webinars, where I PERSONALLY help you by identifying what is blocking you, why you are stuck, and also by answering your questions, reviewing your offer, your website, your social media profiles, your lead magnet and sales funnel, and anything else you need help with.
I will be working with you to MAKE IT HAPPEN!
During the Expert Lounge you bring your challenges and leave with solutions. And you get to discover much more, because you will hear the challenges that other consultants, trainers, coaches, experts of any kind, entrepreneurs and small business owners face… Since we are in the same game, you will get answers to questions you haven’t even thought to ask yourself.
Since we're meeting online, we'll be able to see one another if we need to, share screens, share files, and essentially create the same experience as if we’re all in a room together... but you don’t have to leave your home so you don’t waste any time.
Every live session will be recorded so if you miss one, don’t worry... you can watch the recordings whenever you want!
Plus, for any quick question, whenever you are not sure or get stuck, there is an online MASTERMIND COMMUNITY for Small Business Growth and Success, where you get my personal response or my team’s responses if the subject matter requires their expertise, and possibly you get the other members in the community to comment and provide feedback too.
So with the CONSTANT INTERACTION in the Mastermind Community and with the bi-monthly Expert Lounge sessions, you surely know you have our support, and you don’t feel alone in your journey. 
This way you have UNLIMITED access to someone who can really help over the next 6 months to propel your business.
In summary, you are getting:
- 12 hours of online recorded trainings & workbooks for each training, so you get to apply everything to your business right away
- 12 hours of live calls with me personally and a small group of people, carefully selected so they fit together
- 6 step-by-step guides for you to follow to build or upgrade everything you have and do online
- Over 200 templates for what you need to build yourself, so you simply insert your specific information in templates that we have been using successfully
- Lifelong access to the Mastermind Community for Small Business and Success, which is a Facebook closed group.  

Here's Exactly What We'll Be Doing Together

You will go through strategies carefully laid out for you. You will have many questions to answer for yourself. You’ll build a business that serves you, with a SOLID ONLINE PRESENCE.  
Month 1: Finding the Money
Our goal for the first month is for you to know exactly what to sell, exactly who to target, and which business model to use, so you get what you want out of your business long term.
You will clearly articulate what it is that you sell, so people get it. You will also discover how to combine your passion with your business.
Here it is how we'll get there:
1. Find Your Super-Power
You'll be crystal clear on exactly what to offer and you will create the product that your market wants so you can immediately begin marketing yourself and attracting clients! 
Now that you know what to offer and who would buy it, it's time to get crystal clear on exactly what to do to have happy clients while making the money you want. You will be taken through 5 business models... and I will show you how to decide which one to go for, depending on what you want at this moment in your life. 
It is very important to design your business based on what you want your business to do for you right now. This is why you will discover the PERFECT Business Model for YOU.
2. Discover Where the Money Is
You will know exactly who your BEST clients are so you can focus ONLY on them. This immediately stops you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and putting in unnecessary extra work because now you're laser-focused purely on the people who will happily pay you! 
You will know how to only approach people who want the type of product or service you provide, so you don’t waste any advertising money.
We will achieve all of these via:
Online Masterclass 1
Design Your Business Model Based on Your Needs & Passions
- Identify What Exactly to Sell in 5 Steps Based on Where the Money Is
Online Masterclass 2
How to Attract Those Customers Who Will Grow Your Business
 - Develop ‘Persona’ (the fictional representation of your ideal client) in 7 Actions
Fast Track Implementation Plan (FTIP) 1
Identify Your Ideal Client – Develop ‘Persona’: when you clearly define and only reach your business's ideal customers you easily generate interest in what you do and you don’t waste any money on marketing to the wrong people.
Let’s take a look at the first Fast Track Implementation Plan, which guides you to develop Persona.
Fig: Overview of the Fast Track Implementation Plan on Identifying the Ideal Client
Each Action takes you through a series of easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement steps…
By the end of the Fast Track Implementation Plan, you will be able to identify and target those clients who are prepared to pay the correct price for the value they are getting from you
… and you may already see a 40-50% increase in your profits (figure based on previous results).
Plus you will know where your ideal clients are and how to bring them into your sales funnel, which saves tons on marketing costs!
Month 2: Perfect Positioning
Our mission for the second month is for you to know exactly how to attract clients rather than chase them.
You will discover how to become THE seller that anyone talks about when people encounter the need to buy the product or service you sell, and see loads of orders / sales generated overnight, by positioning yourself as the Expert. You are the expert. All you need is to show this to your potential clients in a way that they like you and accept you as the expert.
The expert status is very important, because you will be able to command higher prices for the same product or service that you have been selling before.
Building your brand that comes with the expert status gives you the confidence in everything you do, knowing you're going to get the money you deserve. And if you want to grow a proper business, you can easily pass your personal brand to your company.
It is extremely important to build your personal brand, because people want to do business with people these days (we don't talk about B2B or B2C anymore. We talk about H2H = human to human) and it’s way easier and cheaper to build your personal brand than your company brand. Richard Branson does it, so should you :)
Here is how we'll get there:
Step #1. Define Who You Are: in terms of the results you get for your clients, so when you meet people in any environment, be it a networking event, a conference or simply a meetup or in a café, you know what to say to grab their attention so they focus on what you do, and engage in conversations with you.
Step #2. Get Known for Your Expertise. We'll go into exactly how to engage with your potential clients, and produce content they will love to get their hands on, so you become a hit on social media and everyone in your niche will share your posts .
Step #3. Increase the Value of Your Personal Brand. I will show you how I became a recognized business expert within 6 months in Romania, my home country, in spite of leaving in 1999 and not having lived there since. You'll also know how to manufacture celebrity status within your industry (for peanuts)... just for the people who matter and are most likely to give you money.
Step #4. Design Your Public Appearance so you appeal even more to the people you want to attract. You will then be able to “help” the audience - your potential clients - to like you, so they want to do business with you.
Step #5. Make Your Talks Attractive. I will show you behind-the-scenes how I made it into the top 10 speakers in Romania within exactly 1 year (and having no skills for this). You will always know what to say when you are in front of an audience (anywhere from one person, to a full auditorium) who could become your client, so you take advantage of all opportunities to generate new business. Plus, the beauty of this is that it’s very efficient. When you speak in public, you touch the lives of more people at the same time.
Step #6. Create “Pulling” Content. How to frame your materials so your potential clients respect you as an authority and a trusted advisor... before they even see your sales materials.
Step #7. Build or Revamp Your Blog. Grow a community of qualified prospects around your online assets, so you generate even more sales. When you blog, you position yourself as the expert in your field and you are able to conduct higher prices and generate more business.
We will achieve all of these via:
Online Masterclass 3
How to Attract Clients like Bees to the Honey Pot
- The 3 Step Formula for Content Marketing -
Online Masterclass 4
How to Magnetically Attract Way More Clients
- 3 Step Formula to Build Your Powerful Personal Brand
Fast Track Implementation Plan (FTIP) 2
Use our
  • Blog post formulas so you quickly draft your posts even if you have no idea what to write
  • Titles templates, so your blog posts grab attention. Because if the title is not catchy, nothing else matters as no one will ever read it
  • Checklist, so you ensure you don’t miss anything important on your posts (there are 11 checkpoints for one post – if you want to do it right, so people read it!)
Month 3: Maximizing Your Sales
Our mission for the third month is for you to know exactly how to get people to say yes to your offer and how to pay you more for what you sell, whilst you not having to pursue them to buy.
By the end of this month, you’ll master six different ways to make your offer irresistible that require NO pressure, NO chasing, NO objection handling, and NO “salesiness”. You will know how to get YOUR PROSPECTS to want your product or service, so you’ll never be worried that you have to sell again.
You will also discover ways to “upgrade” your business model so you maximize your sales.
Finally, you’ll be working on building your email marketing, or upgrading it if you are already emailing your list, so you keep in touch with your growing client list. This means that people will contact you when they are in the market for the type of product or service you sell.
Here is how we'll get there:
1. Uncover the True Value
You'll understand crystal clearly exactly how people buy, so you know how to approach each type of potential client to be sure they take your offer, whether or not they realize they need your product or service just yet.
You will know how to attract your potential clients so they want to give you money, because you will know how to show them the value and how to make your offer irresistible.
You will discover how to use the Value Equation. This is extremely important because it gives you great confidence in knowing you'll be worth the money... so you'll have easier time marketing and attracting customers and clients with total confidence.
The Value Equation will allow you to charge the correct price for each product or service, because it is based on the value you provide rather than what you think people were willing to pay.
You will clearly understand how to make your offer irresistible so you close more sales with ease, and get your ideal clients to say “yes” to your offer on the spot.
2. Upgrade Your Offer
You will discover ways to upgrade your business model so you sell more with the same infrastructure you currently have. This means you will know how to do any of these, depending on where you are right now:
  • Introduce your existing clients to new products or services that you will create
  • Charge more for the same products or services, due to small tweaks in your approach
  • Use your knowledge and abilities to serve more people
  • Build assets which continuously generate money without you being involved and much more.
3. Set Up or Upgrade Your Email Marketing
Maintain a relationship with your potential clients that has value far beyond their visits to your store or website. By being in touch with them and sharing what they’re interested in, you build a relationship, you make them trust you and they will buy from you sooner than you expect. Because you will follow the right formula for email marketing, and you will have the right balance between content and offers.
We will achieve all of these via:
Online Masterclass 5
How to Command Higher Prices & Close Sales Right Away
- The Value Equation 
Online Masterclass 6
How to Structure Your Product & Pricing Model to Maximize Sales
- 5 Most Powerful Questions No One Talks About
Fast Track Implementation Plan (FTIP) 3
Email Marketing
Use our
  • Email templates so you quickly draft your next emails
  • Subject lines, so your emails will get opened
  • Checklist, so you ensure you don’t miss anything important from your emails (there are 16 checkpoints for one email – if you want to do it right of course!)
Month 4: Building the Money-Making Machine on Autopilot
Our mission for this month is for you to have a fully functioning online system that generates leads and converts them into cash. Once this system is in place, you can enjoy the peace of mind and certainty that come with you knowing that you generate business day in and day out.
You'll build an online system that delivers your marketing messages and content AUTOMATICALLY to potential clients (so you can set it and forget it). You may even add content delivery to your existing clients so you take time off, or you may serve more offers to your clients so you help them even more and increase your revenues without adding on new clients.
By the end of this month, our goal is to have your ads, your opt-in pages and the other landing pages you need, plus your conversion methods, all lined up and ready to go so you can start generating hot leads.
If you have all of these, or parts, we will be improving everything so you increase the number of leads and the sales volume without investing any more on marketing.
Here is how we'll get there:
1. Build Your Online Sales Funnel
Build your lead-capturing pages, your lead magnets, your article pages and everything else that gives value to your potential clients, so they interact with you online, and get exposed to your brand, to how you can help them in a way that actually helps them. This way you develop a relationship with your potentials, they get to trust you, ALL without you being present, so you have autonomy and personal freedom. This means you're not working all the time, unless you are that unstoppable business owner who always wants more!
TRANSFER the sales conversations online, and deliver your offer to those people that are interested, in a way that is interesting for THEM. Build your offer pages so that people who are interested in your products or services, purchase immediately.
This is an incredible way to be able to ‘talk’ to nearly limitless numbers of potential clients... and literally work only a few hours per week on the fulfillment of your services, so you can create more products and services.
We'll go behind-the-scenes as I show you what our sales funnel looks like. I will also show you exactly how to set everything up, so you can build your funnel within a day even if you have ZERO tech skills (technology is my weakness!).
If you have an online sales funnel in place, you'll discover how to SCALE it by taking those same systems you’ve created, and adding more pieces so you improve conversions, which means that with the same efforts, you make more money. 
2. Generate Web-Traffic & Build Your Potential / Client List
You will master attracting clients with Facebook ads. [Remember that everyone is on Facebook, even though they are not there to buy your product or service. We are attracting entrepreneurs, small business owners solely with Facebook ads. Our clients are getting sophisticated and affluent leads from Facebook for next to nothing. Cosmetic surgeons, mortgage lenders, millionaires in trouble, CEOs… These people are ALL on Facebook and you can reach them INSTANTLY.] 
Our goal for this month is for you to set everything up so you attract hot, qualified leads and bring them into your sales funnel. Then you convert them into paying clients, also automatically.
We will achieve all of these via:
Online Masterclass 7
Generate Hot Leads on Autopilot and Make Immediate Money
- Build Your Online Sales Funnel in 5 Steps
Online Masterclass 8
How to Drive Relevant Traffic to Your Site
- Getting Started with Facebook Ads
Fast Track Implementation Plan (FTIP) 4
Build Your Online Sales Funnel - Build a foolproof multi-step online system, which attracts hot prospects on autopilot and converts them into cash.
Use our:
  • Templates for landing pages so you quickly build yours by filling in the gaps
  • Templates to input names for your lead magnets, so they appeal to your potential clients and they opt-in (this means they give you their email address and they simultaneously sign up to your newsletter).
  • Checklists, so you ensure you don’t miss anything important and more importantly, you don’t have any distraction on your landing pages which decreases conversions (there are 45 checkpoints for a landing page – if you want to convert well of course!).
  • Templates for your autoresponders. These are the emails that are strictly part of your sales funnel, which are meant to deliver your lead magnets and encourage people to buy your tripwire and your products.
With all the templates and examples, you're able to hit the ground running without staring at a "blank screen" wondering what to do next and you do it fast and easy even if you have never heard of a sales funnel before.
Month 5: Unleash Your Full Power
So far you've got everything you need to build a good business. You have identified what you sell, how to position yourself in the market, you have built the relevant online assets, and your business is already generating sales on autopilot... 
Now it's the time to make your brand truly shine!
And most importantly to align your business with your life purpose, so you get the right message “right”. When you clearly articulate your life purpose and align your business with your life purpose, your message will be so powerful that you won’t need any copywriting techniques or skills to generate your desired interest in what you do.
You will be able to connect with your audience, target clients in a way that you never thought possible, simply by answering some questions that lead to one short, powerful, impactful message that hooks your potentials.
This is the time when you step up from a regular provider to THE Tony Robbins or Richard Branson of your industry
You will also discover how to triple your business with the only help coming from your existing clients.
Here is how we'll get there:
1. Get Your Messages Right
Clearly articulate your life purpose, your values, your beliefs, and connect what you want with your clients’ needs. When you get this perfect combination, you will become unstoppable.
Once you have answered these simple questions for yourself you will never again need to pay any expensive copywriters, and you will write the perfect text / copy for your emails, blogs, social media posts, landing pages even if you have no writing skills or experience.
2. Deploy Your Army of Free Sales-Force
Wow your clients and discover how to ethically bribe them to recommend your business to others, so you constantly and continuously get fresh clients knocking on your door.
Follow a simple formula to generate between 3 to 5 new clients from any existing client, so you triple your sales with no efforts on your side. This way you will achieve maximum freedom and profitability, whilst you feel you are contributing to improving other people’s lives or businesses.
3. Be Business-Social Online
There is a good way and a bad way to use social media. By following the FTIP on Social media, you will get the right way, which means that you will know exactly what social media platforms to use and HOW. You will know how to set everything up correctly, how and what to post and what not to post that can kill your sales.
You will have your first post that helps your business if you haven’t used social media to generate business. And you will upgrade everything you do if you have been active for a while, so you build your client ‘fan base’ which will buy from you and support you long term in your business.
We will achieve all of these via:
Online Masterclass 9
How to Transform Your Clients into Your Sales Machine
- The 3 Step Formula to Sales Maximization
Online Masterclass 10
Your Life Purpose
- Articulate It. Align It to Your Business
Fast Track Implementation Plan (FTIP) 5
Starting Off on the Right Foot with Social Media – Set up your profiles, develop your social media plan, adjust your posts… all to STRATEGICALLY share your content with your potential clients. This is very important, because one bad post can ruin your chances to sell.
Month 6: Reaching for the Sky
By now you are a master in generating new business, in effortlessly selling more, in getting the right clients, for the right prices… So it’s time to make that big jump.
This is not about scaling your business, as you already know this. This is about SKYROCKETING your business.
Here is how we'll get there:
1. Dominate Your Niche
Stand out! See, these days it is not enough to simply differentiate yourself. You want to stand out, and this is what you will discover during this month.  When you stand out, you are the go-to expert, THE person in your niche that everyone wants to do business with, and your competitors can simply say good buy to their businesses.
Maximum efficiency in sales. You will discover how to be the most efficient during your sales process, so you have 100 or 1,000 conversations during that same hour with your potential clients, so the sky is the limit.
Open up your net! By now you know that 97% of your potential clients are not looking for the solution you provide. When you deploy a strategy to communicate with everybody who can buy from you, even if they are not looking for the type of product or service you provide, you will exponentially grow your business. The trick is to know HOW to communicate with those people who are not interested and how to move them closer to your product or service.
2. Set Up Smart Campaigns
Not just any campaign! Use Response Indicators in your campaigns. These are the actions that your potential clients undertake which tell you what they are interested in. We use them to determine the logical steps that potential clients need to go through. Plus, I'll show you a way to map up your customer’s interactions prior to purchase and set them up automatically, and deal with your potential clients in a way that's easy, low stress, super-organized and fun. This keeps you from being overworked and overwhelmed... and it allows you to scale, quickly, exponentially.
We will achieve all of these via:
Online Masterclass 11
How to Grow Really Big?
- 7 Step Formula to 10x Profits Next Year
Online Masterclass 12
How to Approach Your Prospects so They Want YOU Even When They Are Not Ready to Buy Yet
- The 5 Step Formula for Scooping the Market
Fast Track Implementation Plan (FTIP) 6
Educational Marketing – Develop content to share with your potential clients who are not interested in what you offer. This way you develop the desire for your product or service and you build a relationship with those people who don't even know they need they type of product or service you provide (just yet). Influence them, via content, so they decide to buy because of you. Thus, you become the only choice they consider.
And the best of all is that you are the only one talking to these people about the type of product or service you sell because everyone else communicates only with those 3% who want to buy right now.
Have you ever been to an online party before? We will have one, so get your evening gown or tuxedo ready :)
We Are the Community of Go-Getters...
Together, we'll use the power of compound focus (each member contributing to helping others) to get help with challenges you might have, and we'll use our collective experience, resources, and discoveries, to help you take what's working now and "put it on steroids" so it'll be even BETTER.
This means you'll get personal help from me and other members of the Business by Design Program... and you'll get to contribute, show off what you've accomplished, and have the satisfaction of helping others who are just like you. 
Twice per month, for six months, we meet as a group online and work together to do four things:
1. Celebrate our victories and share what we've discovered.
2. Help each other when we're stuck, off course, or just need a little "push" in the right direction.
3. Stay FOCUSED so we can keep our attention on what actually makes us money (and helps our clients)... instead of getting sucked in by the latest shiny object.
4. Hold each other accountable so we actually DO what we've set out to do!
I'll be with you LIVE in each online meeting and we'll be able to see each other, share screens, and truly work together just as if we were in the same room... but you don't have to leave home :-)
NOTE: Coaches, trainers, consultants, experts of any kind, entrepreneurs and small business owners pay me $1,500 to have a 90-minute online session with them. This means you get the equivalent of $36,000 just from using the Online Masterclasses and participating in the Expert Lounge Sessions.  
WARNING: This program is not suitable for you if you:
- Want to develop a MLM type business, where you are part of a scheme that sells someone else's product
- Want to compete on price. There is nothing wrong in selling cheap, however this program is about you building value with your potential clients and having them beg to give you their money. 
This program is something special to me, and I can't guarantee I'll be able to do it again due to the growth of my other business, Tooliers.
So if you know this is right for you and it will help you, enroll right now.
No matter what you decide to do today, I can promise you one thing... nobody gets lasting success alone.
We NEED to surround ourselves with people who share the same goals, values, and the same mission so we can support each other, stay sharp, stay focused, hold each other accountable, and work together for mutual success.
And that's exactly what the Business by Design Program is about.
There's NOTHING as powerful as getting a small group of people who all share the same vision, values, and goals together in a community working together to help one another.
As you've probably experienced, groups like this are the places where lifelong friendships, business alliances, and partnerships are born... so it's way more than "just" an event or a program.
It's an experience that can continue to pay dividends for the rest of your life.

What Makes

Business by Design Program Unique?


It’s the only program that provides an overview of your business and connects all the dots, so you STRATEGICALLY leverage what you’ve got.

Plus, it consists of a COMBINATION of tools and one-to-one expert advice.
“Practice, not theory, makes (or breaks) the CEO.”



Oh, and in case you’re wondering…


Here's Exactly What You Get


Collection of 6 video recordings in which I share the practical strategies that work in today’s tough economy. These show you the big picture so you understand how to be successful with specific tactics, such as Facebook Ads, Sales Funnels and many others. These are the tactics that successful companies use right now (us included).
Each recording comes with a WORKBOOK, so you’ll find it easy to apply everything right away to your business. These workbooks reduce the stress and feelings of being overwhelmed for people who watch the entire videos if they are not sure where to start– because you will be pausing the videos and applying everything on the spot.

Value $900
Collection of 6 video recordings with business critical insights which took me years to grab. These show you the big picture so you can get results on any tactic you work on, because when entrepreneurs or experts work in isolation on certain things, most people forget the basics which lay underneath all these tactical actions. Without connecting all the dots, most work is simply wasted, because of the missing bits.
Each recording comes with a WORKBOOK, which makes you pause the videos and brainstorm with yourself on how to adapt everything to your business.

Value $900
The Fast Track Implementation Plans are frameworks into which you populate YOUR details so you can create relevant solutions for your business. This means you don’t have to do the hard work as we’ve already done the thinking for you… So you have your marketing system designed specifically for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.
With these FTIPs, every month you’ll be working on building or upgrading one of your necessary online assets. These are essential assets without which it is hard to be in business these days.
You get each marketing tactic broken down into such small pieces that even a totally inexperienced person will be able to use and apply these strategies.  

Value $582
Work personally with me via Online Meetings, so you plan smarter and get the best possible results with your business.
It is absolutely normal to question, to have obstacles, to need a second opinion. Because no one knows it all. Even the most experienced entrepreneurs need, from time to time, an external point of view. The faster you grow, the bigger your goal, and the more you need experts to help you out. 
We will meet twice a month. I am available to answer your questions and help you overcome your challenges.
I will:
 Answer any question you may have
 Ask YOU questions you haven't thought of about your business
 Rephrase your questions to bring clarity and focus into your actions
 Challenge or validate your business model, your marketing messages
 Be your MENTOR, your ADVISOR, your GUIDE!
You will have access to more wisdom than you can imagine, as OTHER entrepreneurs bring their problems to the table, so you get my answers to their challenges. And when you get this visibility on what's happening with others, you feel YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this game
You get EMOTIONAL SUPPORT and LOGICAL VALIDATION, as you can exchange ideas, thoughts, fear, joy, and much more.
Value $3,036

This is a closed group on Facebook that ensures you have CONTINUOUS access to our knowledge and support, where you post your business questions and get your answers within 24 hours from my team.
This is also the simplest way for you to INTERACT with other members of the Business by Design Program, so you help each other out. You can show off your wisdom when others post challenges which fall within your area of expertise.

Value $600

Total investment $6,018


Money Back Guarantee



This is an interactive online LIVE program

On the first day of every month, you will get access to the Masterclasses and the Fast Track Implementation Plans that you will be following during that month and you can use them whenever you want... at your own pace (they never go away).
And then, every other week, we meet LIVE... online... where I help you by answering your questions, reviewing your work… and working with you to make it happen.
Since we're meeting online, we'll be able to see one another if we need to, share screens, share files, and essentially create the same experience as if we were all in a room together... but you don’t have to leave home.
And every live session will be recorded so if you miss one, don’t worry... you can watch the recordings whenever you want!
Total investment $6,018


How many new clients do you need to gain to recover your investment in Business by Design Program?
Write down the number!
Here is my promise to you:
Multiply that number by 4, and if you don’t get it by month 4, while you follow all the steps from Business by Design Program, I'll refund your full investment in the Program.
Additional guarantee
Start following all these tactics, put our wisdom to work; and if you consider there is no value for you within 30 days from the start, you get your money back. No questions asked! Simply email us with your request, and we refund within 3 days. 

I offer you two guarantees because I know the value you are getting, since most consultants, coaches, trainers, experts of any kind, entrepreneurs and small business owners who've had access to my methods were thrilled with what they got!
And if you're not taking advantage of this, it is most likely that we are not a good fit.
So we simply break apart, and we're cool about it. 

You are UNIQUE. Your skills are unique. Your business is unique. The way you put these strategies to work will be unique. The results you get depend on your level of commitment as well as of your starting point. You could have tremendous results!
Total investment $6,018


Money Back Guarantee