Knowledge into Millions™

Greater Impact. Bigger Profits. 

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  • 28-29 Nov 2016


  • London

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  • Ozana Giusca

    Your Catalyst for Accelerated Profits

  • 20 Seats

    Small Group for Maximum Value

The Only System that Enables You to Leverage What Your Business Has for Maximum Profits and Impact

Start applying this tested system to combine your online and offline activities so you:

1. Leverage what you've got so you make it BIG in the current economy
Serve more people so you make a huge impact and GAIN the RESPECT you deserve
3. Package what you already know in various forms and shapes to create big demand for your product or service
4. Build your personal and company brand without paying for PR
5. Adjust your business to serve you which means you live your dream

And most importantly, GET CLARITY ON YOUR BUSINESS because we work together to apply everything specifically to YOUR business!

BONUS:  Discover 11 mistakes that are killing 97% of your potential sales

Knowledge into Millions™,
Comprising these 5 subsystems to build your solid business

1. S.O.S Machine™

It stands for Series of Products + Online Advertising + Sales on Autopilot. It maps the GUIDED customer’s journey so you prove to your potentials that you can help by helping them in advance. Once they become your clients, you will up-serve them by providing more value that generates higher profits for your business.
Use this system so you:
- Successfully launch / re-launch any product or service
- Boost your sales by introducing a digital product into your marketing & sales flow, even if your business is completely offline
Move your potentials from cold to warm to hot to BUY NOW
- Drive business online regardless of your industry
Feed your business with a constant flow of leads, opportunities and potential clients at zero costs

2.Money Walk Method™

This 5-step process enables you to set anything up FAST, without feeling overwhelmed with too much to do and lost on the way. Having been tested on more than 300 small businesses and solopreneurs, it works in any industry you can think of - from professional services (consultants, coaches, experts) to online sales; from high ticket items (SaaS) to retail, both online and offline.
Use this method when you:
- Build your online sales funnel in just 3 days
- Develop a new product or offering, or repackage an existing one, to sell big time
- Set up a new distribution channel or partnership
- Extend your team
- Put an event together, and much more...

3. V.I.P Sales Formula™

This formula is specifically designed for professionals and entrepreneurs who don’t know how to sell and need to increase sales. It is based on the principle of showing potential clients you can help them, before asking for the sale. When you help your potentials in advance you build trust and report so people want to buy from you. Follow the V.I.P Sales Formula™ so your potentials still feel they need your help and in fact the interest for your product or service goes to the roof.
Apply this formula so you will:
- Make your potential clients realise they need you right now
- Provide value in your marketplace so you don’t ever have to “sell” for a sale to happen
- Have your best clients come your way, put money in your pocket or your bank and beg to work with them
- Have people buy from you naturally without you having to make any effort and most importantly without sounding like a car salesman
- Pick up the 97% of potential sales that most small businesses don’t even think about

4. Winning Events System™

This system empowers you to have 5 to 50 to 500 sales conversations in an hour.  It guides you to massively sell during workshops, talks or other events, while getting your potential clients to love you for the experience and information you provide. This system allows you to say good bye to networking events, or attend then just for fun and not to hunt for business.
Apply this so you:
- Build your talk so you can sell during any event even if you are novice when it comes to selling or speaking in public
- Have 5-50-500 potential clients discover the benefits of your product or service instead of overwhelming them with information they don’t care about
- Create an irresistible offer so people buy from you on the spot
- Run successful workshops, webinars, online videos, sampling / tasting, networking events or fashion shows so you never again meet people who don’t buy from you
- Become famous in your industry for what you are and can do for your clients

5.The Ideal Business Blueprint™

This blueprint empowers you to upgrade your current business to a model that matches your current needs and also fits in with 21st century’s reality.
Use this to:
- Adapt your business to your current needs & passions, so work becomes a complete pleasure
- Upgrade your business model so your business matches your lifestyle
- Define/ redefine what to sell and to whom to maximise your sales and profits in the Internet-driven economy where customers are in full control of their purchase decisions
- Ultimately, define what really matters to you and achieve it within the next year... and
Fall in LOVE with your business again!


• Step-by-step guided approach so you understand the process and easily apply it to your business for existing and future products and services
• Access the exact tested blueprints and tools that my team and our clients use to maximise profits
• Get the crucial know-how to take your business where you want and become a significant player in your niche 

This Power Class is hands on, interactive and fun!
We limit the number of participants to 20, so you get the attention you deserve.
This means you will create your own customers' journey with my personal support. 

List of industries that successfully applied Knowledge into Millions™

•    Coaches, trainers, consultants, personal development professionals, HR professionals, psychotherapists 
•    Consulting services: management, finance, taxes, accounting, real estate
•    Other professional services, including IT solutions
•    High ticket services for corporations
•    Medical services: dental, skin care, plastic surgery
•    Creative services: architecture, design, interior design, photography, art
•    Health and beauty: nutrition, personal training, make-up, cosmetics, hairstyling
•    Physical products: fashion, luxury items, health, cosmetics, fishing & hunting, cars
•    Hand-made products
•    E-shops

Implement What You Discover and You...

 Grow your revenues by a minimum of 30% this year 
 Adapt your business to work in a competitive market
 Save hundreads of dollars by avoiding costly mistakes
 Double your market share within a year
 Build your online system to get clients on autopilot 
 Increase your prices & have your products fly off the shelves
 Make sales on the spot! 

So You No Longer Have To... 

- Do unsuccessful and costly marketing activities 
- Experience no-takers for your offer 
- Waste time and energy on client meetings or sales presentations 
- Get frustrated by excessive time spent on social media activities 
- Attend boring, time-consuming networking events
- Compete on price and undersell your product or service just to get business
- Wait ages for that sale to happen


Because this is your lifetime opportunity to build the business of your dreams!



This is your opportunity to really make a difference in your life and in the world

  • Standard Package


    All inclusive

    • Serve millions of people
    • Your knowledge into series of products  & services
    • Make millions of $$$

What our clients are saying about us...

  • “Attending Ozana’s Workshop, you get INSIGHTS directly from a successful entrepreneur and world-class business expert who shares what works both from her own business experience and from her clients’ successes.  Ozana’s strength is that she can see through any business challenges and find the real reasons why that business is stuck; she can immediately spot ways to make more money by simple adjustments to the regular activities”. 
    Ketan Makwana, CEO & Founder at Enterprise Lab
  • “Many smart points for me at this event: 1. I now understand what "positioning" really means; 2. What you do with pleasure is the foundation of a good business, 3. Developing a good relationship with clients is a new wave in business, 4. What comes from your soul and from your mind have far more value than an "externalised message" to attract clients, 5. For an engineer, a Sales Funnel is a logical chart that leads to the sale, with psychological aspects incorporated” 
    Sara Pfeiffer
  • “This seminar about how to create a Sales Funnel was absolutely great. I found it very useful. Ozana showed us where most of the companies fail in managing their products and she gave us a thoughtful suggestion on what to focus on when creating a sales strategy. One thing I learned was that a sale process needs to be structured. There are certain steps that you need to take care of. Ozana seems to have that tools to manage them.”
    Daniel Farmache


Chiswick, London
Full address will be communicated upon registration

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The competition, the legislation or the government
have nothing to do with disappointing sales!


Is the Knowledge into Millions™ Really for You?

    • You spend too much time thinking about your business idea and need to get to action  
    • You’ve acquired the expertise and now is the time to build something on your own or to start helping others with your knowledge       • You are sick and tired of working for others, of being told what to do and how to do it 
    • You left or lost your corporate job and feel you want to take another path – to be independent 
    • You are frustrated with trying things that seem to work for others but don’t bring you results  
    • You have a brilliant idea that can make the world a better place, or you have many ideas and are not sure which has the most potential
    • You’ve been a one-man show for too long and it’s time to build a proper business  
    • You feel frustrated about invested so much time and energy into your business and not getting the results expected  
    • Everyone tells you how great you are at what you do, but you don’t seem to get enough clients  
    • Your business relies on a small number of clients, which makes you feel insecure                                                                                         • You’ve paid various experts to bring you business, but word-of-mouth is the only thing that seems to work 
    • You want to stop trading your time for money 
    • You want to serve more clients so you have a bigger impact and leave a legacy 
    • You are always busy, but you won’t stop because you want even more 
    • You feel under pressure from your competitors to lower your prices and it is increasingly difficult to avoid a price war 
    • Your products or services are great quality, but your business eats up all your time and you are tired of sacrificing your personal life 
    • You are losing business even though you’re not doing anything wrong or different to when your business was in full swing 
    • You feel the economy is changing and you are not sure how to adapt to the new way people buy (including online) 
    • You want to leave a solid business behind to make you and your family proud

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